Our cover options are available in a wide range of colors.  Leather, selected from the best hides in the world and subject to rigorous processing in the group’s selected tanneries, are available as well as micro fibers that are velvety to the touch, durable and extremely practical.

It is not often that luxury and practicality come together. Yet that is the perfect description of the IMG cover range.

Comfort is a personal matter - and it is found when your posture is correct and you get support where your body needs it. The human body is the pattern for every piece of our furniture. Each chair, desk chair, recliner and sofa is designed to contour to your shape providing support to the knees, back, neck, head, and especially around your lumbar region with proper cushioning.



No man made material can compare with the natural beauty of genuine leather.

While initially more expensive than fabric upholstery, leather is recognized to be a better investment over time. Leather has an average lifespan four times longer than that of fabric. Today’s active lifestyles require a furniture cover that can meet the demands of daily use and look great for years to come. As a natural material, leather has the ability to breathe, be it cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. The appearance of finer leathers, such as Prime, Trend and Elite, are characterized by the individual animal’s history. Only choice hides are suitable for quality furniture upholstery, depending upon the level of environmental impacts such as insect bites and scars. The presence of irregularities proves the authenticity of truly natural leathers.

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At IMG, we pride ourselves on offering customers maximum flexibility by providing a large variety of choices. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a suitable range of fabrics specifically selected for use on quality furniture, to complement our leather selection.

Before selecting your cover, we recommend you choose your preferred style of furniture, as not all fabrics and covers are suitable for all applications. Often the shape and style of furniture is paramount to determining what cover will look and perform the best on your new chair or sofa. 

IMG Fabric Guide

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Most of our products and components are based on laminated wood construction technology. Utilizing a process called Ultra-Sonic wood lamination creates strong frames and allows us to create graceful designs.

Environmental and consumer friendly glue and chemicals are used in the production process. We use light colored wood like beech with an attractive grain to make veneer and laminated parts. They are well suited for staining in various colors.

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